cookie policy

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small text file that is recorded by the computer when a website is visited by a user. The text memorizes information that the website is able to read on your next visit. Some of these cookies are necessary for the website to work properly, some are useful because they allow us to provide some services.
Regarding the nature of cookies, they are of different kinds: technical (used only for transmitting communication over an electronic network); session cookies (they create profiles relative to the user and are used to send publicity messages).

What cookies are used on this website

This website uses cookies that memorize the user names on the registration pages and analyse user traffic patterns visiting the website, in order to improve usability. Only third party cookies are used.
Below is a list of these cookies and a link to individual privacy policies:

•    Google maps: a service that allows the visualization of geographical maps supplied by Google;
•    YouTube: web platform that allows people to share and view videos;
•    Facebook: a social network that allows content sharing

Cookie duration

The duration of cookies depends on the expiry date (or on a precise action like closing your browser) set during the installation. Cookies can: be temporary or session cookies and they are used to file temporary information,  allow you to connect the actions carried out during a specific session and they are removed by the computer when the browser is closed; persistent cookies are used to file information, for instance a name and access password.

Disabling and managing cookies

If you want to avoid downloading one or more of these cookies onto your PC, follow these instructions on how to do it for each of the different browsers:

•    Google Chrome
•    Mozilla Firefox
•    Apple Safari
•    Microsoft Windows Explorer

Keep in mind that if you disable the cookies, you could compromise the website’s functionality.
Closing the banner that you find on this page and on all the pages of the website means you consent to the use of cookies.