Cycle tourism, cycle travelling, bike tourism…many names for the same big passion

The cycle tourism is a form of tourism by bicycle that seems to gain increasingly more attention even amongst people who are not passionate cyclists.

Who decide to travel by bike are not interested in getting fit, in how long takes to get to a place and in the athletic training: on the contrary the cycle tourism is a way of travelling that allow people to get to know places and people with a more human pace, not just to visit places but above all to live your destinations.

You can travel by bicycle for a few days or also for a few weeks, to go for a day tour or for a weekend in an art city for instance.

The advantages of cycle tourism are many; the very reasonable travelling costs, more freedom in planning your trip even when travelling, more authentic way of travelling and exploring and the chance to do something for the environment.

Like many other forms of eco-sustainable tourism, the cycle tourism is convenient, it is good for your spirit and the planet!


The cycle-travellers characteristics

Like any other form of tourism, the cycle tourism can have many aspects:

  • trips by bicycle organized with a cycle-tourist guide or a tour-operator

Sometimes the travellers are followed by a mini-bus and if they are planning to camp, all the necessary equipment is carried by the van.

  • totally independent trips

in which the travellers carry their luggage in bags especially designed for cyclists or in the bike-packing; travellers don’t necessarily have a precise schedule with predetermined stops and times but they explore freely leaving their curiosity running their decisions.

This is one of the biggest advantages of cycle-tourism: compared to other forms of travelling, when you travel by bike independently you feel free to change destination when you want, on the way.


If you decide to camp and or to adopt even more basic solutions when travelling by bike, or if you opt for a more comfortable stay, like for instance a Bed & Breakfast or similar solutions, in any case it will be a trip with positive effects for your body and for your mind that will enjoy a more natural rythm.

Often the cycle tourists travel on cycling or on suitable natural paths as well as trekking and horse riding paths but it is not unusual to travel on city, regional or state roads



Bikenbike’s mission and our ambassadors’ mission

Bikenbike’s mission is to make cycling tourism smarter, with an effective booking solution that helps matching requests with offers or daily tours and creating a Community that share the passion for cycling; it also offers the users a social platform where to share tour proposals and a wide choice of cycling experiences.

On the platform there are two possibilities:

  • Take part to the trips organized by the Bike Ambassador Pro

We speak in this case of trips, excursions and itineraries for bike-tourists, planned in detail by the Bike Ambassadors Pro, who are professional in the sector, like tour operators and bike-guides working in certain geographical areas who are able to promote the tours in an authentic and original way.

  • Take part to trips proposed by the Community of Ambassadors
  • We speak about experiences by bike proposed to the Bikenbike’s Community by the Bike Ambassadors, who are privates that share for free (or asking for a little contribution for the organization) their tours and who are keen to meet new people to travel with and maybe transforming their passion into side earnings.




The bike and the train

Often during long journeys, the bike tourists use other mean of transports, often the train. Train companies are increasing the attention dedicated to this form of tourism.

With a slightly more expensive ticket, you can board a bike; in the High Speed or Intercity, the bicycles must be put on a special bag, in some regional they can be stored in a special carriage.

The bicycles to travel with

For a city tour, you will need a normal bike or a city bike, above all if the tour is not longer than 2 or three hours.

For whose want to immerse in the nature, the mountain bike represents the best solution on untarmacked roads or mountain paths. On many mountain bikes we can put a baggage holder or a bikepacking, so they are perfect for travelling.

For people who love speed and are already trained, an excellent vehicle is the racing bike even if doesn’t allow to carry a luggage; in this case, a service of luggage transport will be necessary.

The cycle-travellers tend to get comfortable bikes because they are on them for many hours.

They are many brands specialized in tourers and any brand has at least one model of bicycle suitable for travelling:  Surly, Kona, Cinelli, Brodie, Fahrrad, Koga only to quote a few.

In the last years many cycling tourists have chosen Gravel that has proven to be excellent for travelling thanks to its versatility on tarmac and untarmacked roads.

Today the bicycles with pedal-assistance or e-bikes are becoming more and more popular, even for mtb. This vehicle will encourage people to use the bicycle as a mean of transport in the daily routine (the concept of cycling to work is spreading and many city councils incentivize people who use the bike to go to work.) and to travel or have fun with, without the effort of pedalling because of the battery.



The cycle-tourism and the sustainability

Independently from the type of trip, cycle tourism is always associated with a more conscious and environmentally friendly style of life. 

ONU has declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism and in Italy as well the strategic plan for tourism (PST 2017-2022) underlines the need of a conscious development of the tourism economy, finding solutions that promotes local economies and facilitating small business men and contributing to focus the attention on less famous destinations compared to the cities but with rich in history and culture as well.

This helps as well the safeguard of the territory, helping to preserve the naturalistic and cultural areas.

The cons?

We don’t want to sound too much, but there are disadvantages, a part from a bit of tiredness at the end of the day, which is not a big deal considering your body will feel regenerated and your eyes full of adventures and wonderful images!

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