become bike ambassador


In Italy alone there are around 2 million cycle tourists and the sector is continuously growing.

If you love your bicycle and you want to help us in the spread of cycle tourism, become a BIKE AMBASSADOR.


Once registered on BIKENBIKE, you might become whenever you want a BIKE AMBASSADOR by simply publishing your tour or excursion.

The private Bike Ambassador can decide, at his complete discretion, if to ask for a small fee for the trip/excursion as ”recognition” for the idea of the shared trip/excursion. 

Bike Ambassadors can however participate to tour/excursion offered by other Bike Ambassadors.

Bike Ambassadors, who  have to identify themselves as person, are not professionals in the tourism field nor associations or tourist guide but simply people passionate about cycling tourism  want to share their passion with other users and have new experiences by bicycle.

They won’t act as tourist guides, they don’t book transport or places to sleep. They can't charge any services (such as bike rent, luggage transportation ect) but they can give information on eventual service useful for the trip. They can also decide to propose to the Community tours or trips for free. They can also decide to propose to the Community tours or trips for free.

In any case, the fee can not exceed 5.000 Euros which is by law the maximum amount of money you can earn a year for casual work.

The only thing you have to do is be motivated, eager to get to know and pedal with new people. Thanks to you your cycle trip will be unforgettable. As BIKE AMBASSADOR you can still participate to trips or excursion proposed by other BIKE AMBASSADOR.


We are convinced there are a lot of potential cycle tourists out there but they don’t know it yet!

We aim to attract new cyclists and encourage this way of travelling and give those who already like travelling by bicycle the possibility to discover our platform as well as connecting the numerous professionals in the field spread all over the world, making it easier to find someone near you.

Contact us and after the contract is signed with BIKENBIKE SRL you will be able to start creating your trip data forms independently.

Through the platform, the payments from the Bike Tourists who take part in the trips you organized will automatically be collected and you will have everything under control via the platform at all times. The requirements we ask for are a VAT number, insurance, a regular recording and updating of your activityand a PayPal business account.  .

You will have the opportunity to “duplicate your 2 trip data forms”, this will make it easier for you to propose trips in more than once.

At the end of the tour, the form related to the trip you organized can be enriched with comments, feedback, photos and videos uploaded by you and by the Bike Tourists who took part.This will help to increase your credibility, to improve Bike Tourist trust and it will make your cycling tourism proposals more attractive.


Publishing a classified ad is completely free for Bike Ambassadors (either private or PRO).

If a Bike Tourist books a tour, they will pay 25% via PayPal as a deposit. The expenses for the transaction managed by PayPal are at the expense of the Bike Tourist.In the case of a cancellation, for any reason, also not depending on the Bike Ambassador Pro and/or the Bike Tourist, the 10% (ten per cent) paid as ”a service fee” will be paid to BIKENBIKE anyway and therefore held.

The suppliers, who are the Bike Ambassador PRO, can provide guidelines about cancellations in their programmes or conditions.

It will be the parts (Bike Tourist and Bike Ambassador PRO) responsibility manage the cancellation amongst them without any BIKENBIKE’s  involvement or duty.

The final 75% balance will be paid directly to the Bike Ambassador Pro based on their indications.

If a Bike Tourist, for any reason, decides to withdraw from a trip or event, they lose their 30% deposit, according to the Italian deposit legislation (article 1385  Civil Code).

If a Bike Ambassador Pro cancels a tour, they have to reimburse the Bike Tourist double the 30% deposit received according to the Italian deposit legislation (article 1385 Civil Code).

The BIKENBIKE platform does not get any percentage of the fee charged by the private Bike Ambassadors.
The Bike Ambassadors (pro/private) and the Bike Tourists will receive an email notification regarding the trip bookedor any eventual cancellation. .